Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge Registration Form

Use this form if you are entering as an individual, company, student, or are the leader of a team.

• Team Leaders can invite additional Team Members after your registration is complete.

• The Team Leader will be the main point of contact for any communication.

• Team Leaders and Team Members will be able to edit and submit the shared entry.

If you are entering on behalf of someone else, be sure to enter that person's name above. The entrant name must be the person or team member who designed the kitchen or space. You may use any email address to manage the entry and to receive communication.

(Password should have minimum 6 characters)

• Winning individuals and students will be awarded all prizes in their name
• Winning teams will split prizes among all team members
• Winning companies or firms will be awarded prizes in the company’s name

You may change your Team Name at any time, up until the submission deadline.

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For the below questions, enter the company information if you are entering as a company. If you are entering as an individual, student, or team, enter your personal contact information.


Unless you are entering the Student Category, the Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge is only open to professionals.

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